Registration and Fees

Registration for NL Tsuruoka Karate classes at any of our locations are welcome. 

Applicants for the senior classes my apply at any time.  However, for youth classes, registration is typically held from September to mid-October each year.  Below is an outline of fees starting September 2018.

Description Cost
Junior Classes (Age -12) $175.00 per Term
Teens and Students $200.00 per Term
Seniors $250.00 per Term
Insurance/Registration $50 per year (mandatory)

Term 1 (September to January)

Term 2 (February to June)

Term 3 ( July and August )

adobeicon2019 registration fillable form

Other costs include Gi’s, which average between $55-$70 depending on the size.  Gi’s should be purchased from Tsuruoka NL.  If you already have a Gi, please ensure that you get approval first.  Only white gi’s are permitted.

Other equipment are provided through club fundraising.

As well, users registered at one dojo location are permitted to attend classes in other Tsuruoka NL dojos in order to make up classes, with no extra fees.  However, permission should be approved from Sensei.

Please use the attached registration form, and bring to your first class.